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Why aqua drops?

Why is "Aqua Drops" a superior product. Our oil is made using liposomal encapsulation which means it is absorbed more efficiently than pills and powders. Aqua drops are easier on your digestive system when absorbing high doses of supplements. 

Our product significantly increases the absorption rate making it one of the highest bioavailability product options in the market.

Aqua drops contain 400mg of water soluble CBD and CBDA in a 10ml bottle.

1 Drop = 1mg CBD

Our water soluble hemp oil is one of the best ways to consume CBD ,since the body is mostly made of water this means water soluble products are always more effective.

Taken under the tongue (sub-lingually) CBD aqua drops are highly bioavailable. Simply hold the desired amount under the tongue for 1 – 2 minutes before swallowing. The drops can also be added to a drink to make them more palatable.

The tiny liposomes are rapidly absorbed, starting in the mouth for immediate delivery.

We suggest starting with a dose of 5mg - 5 drops - between one and three times per day. This can be increased gradually until you find the preferred dose. Do NOT take more than 200mg per day.

Aqua drops can be taken with or without food but preferably 20 - 30mins after a meal as they may lower your blood sugar.

The average absorption rate of other CBD oils is extremely low. However, with liposomal encapsulation, this absorption can be increased by as much as 5-10 times the average.

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